Does our life leave traces?

Your will in favor of JGU

You are wondering how you can arrange your estate in a meaningful way and help to shape the future? A will allows you to determine in detail which people or institutions will benefit when your estate is divided. Doing so means you can secure your family after your death - and you can shape society with your ideas and ensure that your values survive.

A will replaces the principle of intestate succession. It determines the way in which your estate will be divided among your surviving dependants. Where there are no direct surviving dependants such as children or spouses, your assets are handed over to distant relatives. If there are no such relatives, they will go to the state. Your will - which must take statutory portions into account - creates clear legal conditions and prevents conflicts and misunderstanding among your heirs.

Your will in favor of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz or the Johannes Gutenberg University Foundation allows you to shape the future of education and science in accordance with ideas you valued during your lifetime. Your contribution ensures that JGU will be able to conduct science and teaching at the cutting edge of knowledge in the long term.

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