Why are friends so important?

Circles of friends and alumni associations at JGU

Contact with former study colleagues and teachers is an important aspect of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, as is contact with the city and the region. There are various circles of friends and alumni associations that contribute to the networking of friends and former members of the department or institute in order to support them, all in good university tradition. The "Freunde der Universität Mainz e.V." (Friends of Mainz University) is interdisciplinary and open to anybody who supports research and teaching at JGU. It provides a dynamic network for all who care about our University.

The members of our circles of friends and alumni associations, which often provide material support in an unbureaucratic way, also care about the fortunes of our University and are ready to offer advice and provide help, often based on their successful professional lives in a variety of responsible positions. Our friends include members and former members of JGU as well as public figures in business, the professions, services and politics.

We would welcome your desire to maintain a connection with your/our University. We are sure that there is a circle of friends or alumni association that will suit you.

We welcome your interest! 


Interdisciplinary circles of friends and alumni

  • Friends of Mainz University
  • Friends and Sponsors of the Collegium musicum of JGU 
  • Association for the Promotion of Advanced Scientific Education at JGU 
  • Association of the Sponsors of the Psychotherapeutic Consulting Center at JGU

Social sciences, media and sports

  • Friends of Political Studies in Mainz
  • Alumni Foundation of Mainz Journalists

Law and Economics

  • Alumni Mainz e.V. - Association of Graduates in Law and Economics
  • Association for the Maintenance of the International Exchange Program of the Department of Law


  • Mainz Medical Society
  • Support association for research, sports medicine and health education at JGU

Philosophy and philology

  • Mainz Philosophical Faculty Association
  • Friends of the Institute of Book Studies in Mainz
  • Society for Ethnology in Rhineland-Palatinate

Translation, linguistics, and cultural studies

  • Friends of F.T.S.K. Germersheim

History and cultural studies

  • Friends of History Studies at JGU
  • Support Aassociation for the Institute of Prehistory and Early History
  • Friends of Historical East German Regional and Ethnic Studies
  • Friends of Egyptology at JGU

Physics, mathematics and computer science

  • Friends of Mathematics

Chemistry, pharmacy and geo-sciences

  • Alumni Association for Geography at JGU


  • Friends of the Botanic Garden of JGU

College of Music

  • Friends of the Colleges of Music Mainz