Can we participate in shaping the future?

Jointly with the Johannes Gutenberg University Foundation

Their determination to carry responsibility and to shape things makes donors an asset to any society. Their sustained social commitment creates an important foundation for securing a viable future for our society, especially in the field of science and education. Foundations are initiators, project sponsors and centers of innovation.

The Johannes Gutenberg University Foundation was created in 2004 as an umbrella organization under the patronage of Kurt Beck, prime minister of Rhineland-Palatinate. The purpose of this foundation is to promote research and teaching, studies, advanced scientific education, and the practice of art at JGU.

The capital of the Johannes University Foundation and its dependent foundations is being profitably invested and permanently sustained. The returns have been used for many years to realize the purpose of the foundation. It is therefore autonomous and independent in its decision making - a good basis for disseminating knowledge!

Enduring values and sustained commitment during your lifetime and thereafter.

Foundations are essential and act as sources of personal satisfaction and social recognition. Together with the Johannes Gutenberg University foundation, you are supporting sustainable education and science in accordance with your personal goals and preferences in life. In this way, you are making a lasting contribution to future generations.

The Johannes Gutenberg University Foundation is a foundation with legal capacity in terms of the German Civil Code. It administrates all dependent foundations of the University and exclusively and directly pursues non-profit goals according to the "tax-privileged purposes" section of the tax code. The foundation does not make a profit.

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