junior campus mainz - School Meets University

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz has distinguished itself since the mid-1990s by its wide range of extracurricular teaching and learning programs for children and young adults from pre-school to high school across all school forms as well as for students and those involved in teaching. All of these programs have now been bundled into the Junior Campus Mainz (JCM).

The Junior Campus Mainz is a joint project of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and the Mainz University of Applied Sciences. It expands on the education offered in the regular German school system and creates an ideal bridge from school to university in that it attempts to inspire our future academics, managers, and leaders to pursue scientific or artistic studies early on in their lives. By visiting the JCM and taking part in its offers, they gain solid insight into different courses of study or can make personal contacts to university students and teaching staff. The Junior Campus Mainz also provides an extensive range of continuing education courses for teachers which are to help them keep sight of current developments and findings in the fields of research and teaching. Students in teacher training receive instruction very much related to practice.

The JCM offers an appropriate and integrated innovative range of courses, both theoretical and very much practical, at the interface of school and university. There are six topic areas, reflecting the status of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz being a comprehensive university. The six topic areas are: Medicine & Sports; Art, Music & Design; Culture & Media; Natural Sciences and Technology; Biology and the Environment; and Social Sciences, Economics, and Law. In addition, there are numerous truly interdisciplinary courses. Each year a total of some 200 projects are organized, covering the natural sciences and mathematics, the humanities, social sciences, sports, and medicine as well as art and music.

You are cordially invited to join us in one of our projects or provide support in other forms at the interface of school and university.

The interdisciplinary complete program of the Junior Campus Mainz at the interface of school and university is unique in Germany, and Mainz University is committed to expanding it even further. From the very beginning with the JGU NaT-Lab für School Children through the Green School and the School of Vision and right on to the topic area of Art, Music & Design, we have worked together with companies and private sponsors to develop and implement this broad range of courses offered. We want to continue this tried and trusted support and cooperation model and again intensify the relationship with our partners.

Your project-related cooperation: How your investment will pay off for your company.

Your donation: How your donation can help shape current projects.

Are you interested in getting your company involved with the Junior Campus Mainz? Or would you rather like to support the Junior Campus Mainz with a private donation? All you need to do is contact us. We will be happy to explain the essentials that ensure that this joint venture or your support will be worth the effort.

You can find out more about the junior campus mainz on the jcm website.